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YJX-1010 new CNC angle steel punching and typing production line introduction and use

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YJX-1010 new CNC angle steel punching and typing cutting production line belongs to the fast angle steel production line. It is the purpose of our company to "connect with the world and keep pace with the world". Combining the existing materials, equipment and staff skills of China, the latest A high-efficiency angle steel production line developed. It has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high processing precision, low failure rate, wide application range, small footprint, many functions and easy operation. It is the first choice for all angle steel processing enterprises.
  YJX-1010 CNC angle steel production line is an iron tower processing equipment used for the production of angle steel towers for power transmission and communication industry. It can also be used for angle steel profiles in the fields of metal fittings, three-dimensional garages, elevator manufacturing, air conditioning manufacturing, construction industry, railways and bridge engineering. For the stamping, punching and cutting operations, the one-time hole forming of the oblong hole and the special-shaped hole can be realized by changing the mold. Multi-variety and multi-aperture punching has been realized, which basically meets the technical requirements of various types of towers.
Compared with ordinary angle steel production lines, the new angle steel production line has the following advantages:
1. Integrated design of main engine and hydraulic station
The main line of the production line adopts an integrated design that combines the hydraulic station and the main unit on the same fuselage. The lower part of the main unit acts as a hydraulic station while maintaining the original operating height. In this way, not only the land occupation is reduced, but also the equipment is compact in structure, part of the hydraulic pipeline is omitted, the probability of failure is reduced, and the installation and debugging are simple.
In addition, the anti-collision device is added to each feeding port of the main machine, which avoids the disadvantage that the small angle steel cannot be fed normally due to degeneration. The process does not stop because the material hits the machine, which increases production efficiency.
2, equipped with high-speed electrical and hydraulic systems
The production line is equipped with high-speed hydraulic and electrical systems. Compared with the original system, the execution speed is higher, which is 3-4 times faster than the original angle steel wire, which provides sufficient conditions for high-speed punching.
The hydraulic system of this line adopts double accumulators, equipped with air-cooling and water cooling systems, which will not cause excessive heating during long-term use.
In terms of electrical system, the power distribution cabinet and the operation cabinet are combined into one, which not only reduces the intermediate connection, reduces the space occupation, but also reduces the equipment failure rate and improves the appearance quality of the equipment. In addition, the electrical control interface adopts a more user-friendly full-process monitoring interface, and the operation is greatly simplified.
3. Feeding trolley adopts precision linear guide and precision rack and pinion drive
The CNC feeding car of this production line adopts precision linear guide and precision rack and pinion drive. The linear guide wire has high precision, small guide gap, long service life, no adjustment during use, and simple maintenance. The rack and pinion of the CNC car of this production line adopts high-precision products, and the surface is specially treated, and the long-term use wear is extremely small. Adjusting the gap after wear can restore the original accuracy.
4, the shear unit uses a single-edged shear
The shearing unit uses a single-edged shear. Compared with the double shear, the single shear has high material utilization, good shear fracture quality, and low blade use cost.

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